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Not Jab We Met, It's #HowWeMet

Today's world is continually becoming a 'Social Media' fanatic. Today's youth fantasizes over their virtual outreach on numerous social platforms. They find it an achievement to procure such and such number of 'likes', 'favorites', 'comments' and what not, on their aforesaid 'posts' shared via a Social Media account.

Such achievements, in my humble opinion are superfluous.
Social Media is making us socially awkward, at the end of it all.

By inclining ourselves towards Social Media, we're progressing towards becoming an unsocial being, by the day.

There used to be a time when 'homo-sapiens' were said to be social beings, because they could communicate with their peers.

We must learn to leave everything aside, for the time being now.

We've lost the essence of Communication over time, and it is dying a slow and painful death now.

Communication doesn't mean sitting in front of those dimly lit screens all day long, uploading 'Pictures' and 'Statuses', and sometimes even going to the extent of begging for 'Likes' and 'Comments', desperately.

Communication means picking up the phone, dialing a long-lost friend's number, and talking to them, in person, reminiscing over the good old times.

For God's sake, stop chatting over Social Media, give those poor fingers some well-deserved rest, and just listen, to absorb the voice of the other person, for a while.

Better still, drop in for a surprise visit or make plans to meet in person. It might just make someone's day!

Relationships in life aren't about that number of 'Friends' you have or the number of places you've 'checked into'.

Relationships are about emotions, and respecting the other person feelings.

Relationships are about taking out time from an otherwise 'busy schedule', sitting down and discussing what is actually going on in life, over a refreshing, hot cuppa coffee.

Not only do such one-to-one conversations provide a window to peep into and introspect through the labyrinth of Life, they bring out the  real 'You' in you.

Such interactions pave the way for the foundation of new relationships as well!

Such conversations spark much more interest in person, than they would, over that godforsaken dimly lit screen.

Such dialogues go from heart-to-heart, and more often than not, we experience genuine moments of connections.

It is a heartfelt connect that touches the soul.

We all crave for being with our loved ones and cherish the moments spent together. We all have fond memories and stories to share.

Such a heartfelt connect had made its way through our souls too, when we met for the first time.
That connect is still going strong, even after twenty blissful years.

This is our story of bonding.

The story behind #HowWeMet

Month: October
Year: 1994
Country: Canada

I was on an official project for three months there as a Project Manager with my team of developers and testers. Although it was a time bound project and we were quite sure to finish within the targeted period of three months, I as a project manager always had a different plan, set apart for my overseas projects. The plan was to put in extra efforts during weekdays, requesting the local staff of the customer management, by push or pull, to cooperate accordingly to help us finish the project well before time, and go back home, relaxed after properly handing over and signing off.

Though we were able to have full cooperation of the local staff of our overseas customer during weekdays, they didn’t agree to come to office for an hour or two, during weekends, to further reduce workload, and hence we were almost free during our weekends. So, either the whole team used to go for an outing during weekends or most of the time we were relaxing in our hotel.

It was one of those weekends in October when my team decided to go again to the nearby Starbucks that had become our regular hangout to enjoy and spend time, over our favorite coffees. Somehow the store had captured everybody’s attention and was now, a unanimous favorite. I was glancing upon the history of Starbucks, through one of the catalogues at the store and was informed about how the first store found base in Seattle in Pike Place Market in 1971. That is when we noticed a group of young ladies, our contemporaries, entering the store, and settling at the table opposite to ours. My intuition told me, something special was going to happen that day, the moment I noticed that lady, in that group.

Some magic had happened in that instant, which triggered those moments of connect. I just could not control myself from approaching her. After a formal introduction, I got to know, she was also from Delhi, visiting her aunt’s place here for a month or so to attend her cousin’s marriage. Probably she also must have felt an instant connect at that moment, when she agreed to meet me, the next evening.

It was not only the next day, we started meeting every day and gradually I could not resist myself from presenting a marriage proposal before her. She reluctantly accepted, but told very clearly to let my parents approach her parents in a formal way. Everything went as it should have, and it is our twentieth year together, now.

In more ways than one, we are thankful to Starbucks, where good things happened when we got together.

Do read about more such lovely #HowWeMet stories, here at Starbucks.

“Got some time to spend?
Let's spend it happily!”

Let us meet over a cuppa, shall we? :)

Author Interview: Seth Mullins: Trust in the Unseen: An In-Depth Talk On His Books And Its Characters

This interview with Seth Mullins is second in the row and hence is more focused and covering in-depth about the philosophy behind his writing and the thought process that goes into writing a book and characterization of the story. This first interview can be read here, and review to his book What Casts The Shadow can be visited here.

Welcome Seth! It is an honor to have you again for more introspective talk. 

Why title as Trust In The Unseen? What other titles came into your mind while thinking about it?
Each title in The Edge of the Known series is also reflective of the title of the record that this fictitious band is working on/releasing during the course of that particular volume. In this instance you have a band that has faced all kinds of hardships as they’ve pursued their musical dream. At the same time, though, they realize that there  have been many serendipitous moments, miraculous ‘coincidences’ that served to open doors for them so that this dream draws closer and closer to fruition. That’s what they’re discussing during the particular rehearsal that inspires their album title. They bounce around ideas such as “The Essence” and “The Undying Light” before finally settling upon “Trust in the Unseen”.
I personally believe that our culture has arrived at place where our reasoning minds alone can’t hope to grapple with all the movements and changes that are occurring. We’re challenged to embrace a wider conception of ourselves and learn to trust the other (oftentimes wiser and more far-seeing) voices within us in order to find our way.

Who is the lead character in your book  Trust In The Unseen and how is it different from the your earlier book What Casts The Shadow?
The entire Edge of the Known trilogy is narrated by Brandon Chane. The reason why he chooses to relate the tale of his (and his band’s) journey is finally revealed in the third volume. In my mind, the three books – “What Casts the Shadow?” “Trust in the Unseen” and “Humanity’s Way Forward” – are all one story. But there were natural breaks that provided ideal points at which to begin and end the installments – each of which, incidentally, also represent growth rungs for Brandon and the other major characters.   

Any resemblance between the author Seth Mullins and Brandon Chane of What Casts The Shadow?
There were a couple aspects of my own personal experience that lent themselves to Brandon’s character. The first was my tenure as a songwriter and performing musician – particularly, the way that I learned to translate my inner experience into words and music. The other was my long acquaintance with the kind of frustration that often accompanies the creative life and one’s efforts to (1) Realize a vision, and (2) Attain recognition – reach people with that vision.
That’s a broad kind of experience that could be applied to any art form. I could have written about a struggling painter or actor. But in this case, I also wanted to explore music as a social phenomenon, as something that can expose the forces at work within culture and serve as a catalyst for upheaval and change. I decided to do this through a character whose personality is very different from mine but who I could still strongly relate to because of my own tribulations as an artist.

When was the idea of writing What Casts The Shadow conceived in your mind and what was drove you to this story?
It began as I was just thinking about various artistic luminaries throughout our history, and how often they either destroyed themselves or else burned out in such a way that they were never able to recapture their earlier heights of inspiration. I questioned whether this was necessary. Could I find a way to craft a believable story about a temperamental artistic genius who eventually learns to live with his vision rather than let himself be destroyed by it? 

Is Saul Mason of What Casts The Shadow another side of Seth Mullins?
I guess the simplest answer I can give is that I try to reach readers in a way that’s similar to how Saul tries to reach his clients.
Saul could be seen, perhaps, as my Self unfolding along different lines in an alternate reality. If, instead of channeling my particular insights into story form – as I choose to do now – I decided instead to be a therapist and apply those same insights in that arena then I would work like Saul does. I would try to help people to understand that their reality is their own creation – that, because they’ve made their experience what it is in the first place, they therefore have the power to change it if they want to. It’s strange to me that therapists and spiritual gurus don’t typically do this. But I suppose you wouldn’t have many ‘followers’ if you encouraged everyone to trust their own inner guidance, right?

If you had to rewrite What Casts The Shadow, would it be the same, or different?
There were times when I thought about re-writing certain passages that seemed a bit dense or unclear. But then I realized that these segments actually reveal much about Brandon’s state of mind, and that to make everything more straightforward would have done his character a disservice. Some people dislike his ambivalence, his conflicted nature. But this is just where he is at the onset. So, if I had to rewrite the book I would hopefully resist the temptation to “clean it up.” I think the rough edges are necessary; that they actually add to the resonance of the story as a whole.

How do you switch-over from different modes of Seth Mullins as a songwriter, performing musician and a writer?
The common thread throughout my whole creative life has always been writing. Even as a musician this was my focus. I never could have found satisfaction getting up onstage night after night and just playing lead guitar. For many people, that is their artistry. But I was personally much more aware that I had something to say; and from there, the question was always “What medium will provide me with the best means of saying it?” And I discovered that I need a certain amount of space in which to explore my themes; that I can realize my vision much more fully through, say, a 200-page novel rather than a 3-minute song.

Fear leads to taking risk that further leads to achievement and then success? Do you agree? Is it a true that there is a strong relationship between failure, fear, risk, accomplishment and success?
Well, fear can inspire people to take risks and expand their lives; but it can just as easily make people shut down, withdraw, isolate and/or blindly react to circumstances rather than feel empowered in those situations. How we respond to the challenge of fear is the crucial thing. I can’t describe this in great detail without giving away plot details, but in this trilogy there are two characters (one of them being Brandon’s mother) who face a very similar trial involving their core fears. They make vastly different choices in the face of it, though. One succumbs. The other uses fear as a springboard into new life and creativity. If we feel fear and then move forward anyway, not letting it deter us, then our very conception of ourselves can change. From that place, we can see that the fear was just the result of limiting beliefs that we held – beliefs that we no longer need, and can shed.   

There are always two sides of a human being – seen and unseen, known and unknown, touched and untouched. Would you throw some light on this?
We’re embarked upon a never-ending journey of self-exploration and discovery. This means that there is always more for us to seek. Any journey implies things unknown and unseen; you don’t step outside the ‘safe arms’ of the status quo unless you feel that something is lacking, that you long for something more. The nature of the human being is in a state of constant becoming. Thus, there must always be aspects of reality that we have not yet glimpsed, not yet touched.

What is the real purpose of your life and how do you plan to achieve it?
 I think that I’m here to communicate, and that I’ve found the ideal medium through which to do so. I’m really grateful to have found it.

Is Trust In The Unseen a sequel of What Casts The Shadow? A synopsis of Trust In The Unseen?
Yes, Trust in the Unseen is a sequel, and the middle act of a three-part drama. I would say that this is the portion of the overall story where the characters’ artistic and personal visions are most thoroughly tested. Even Saul, who often seemed all-knowing in the first book (at least in Brandon’s eyes) reveals his human frailty and moments of doubt. At the same time, everyone learns a lot about themselves and their potentials as a result of these challenges. Brandon, for example, ends up discovering his own voice to an extent that was only hinted at in the first book.  

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Teddy Travelogues: Many Firsts For My 2 Year Old Daughter As Well For The Parents #TravelWithKids

It was almost 2 year old that we could not go anywhere on vacation after her birth. She was too young to manage while travel was the prime reason. But there were other reasons too like my wife was not prepared well to accept this challenge and I too felt that what if there is a problem when we are away from home and nobody known is around.

Any how our daughter was now 2 year old and we felt confident in moving out for a long distance for a family vacation. We decided to go to Kullu-Manali for a trip of 10 days. From Delhi to Kullu we had a flight and then we had already booked a cab for Manali straightaway after landing in Kullu. This was our daughter’s first flight and she was quite disturbed as soon as the plane started taking off. First of all it was the full flight with so many people around that created a chaos for her. And then that was it. She was unstopped crying for next 15-20 minutes. It took a grit of us to handle her. She was actually helpless as this was her first experience in the air. Anyhow she was smiling after some time and that gave us a complete relief. But we were worried inside as this was just the beginning of the trip and we were not sure about our daughter’s behavior on hills where she was again going for the first time. We had taken special attention while selecting warm clothes for her for the low temperatures on hills.

The plan got haywire as due to bad weather the airplane had to land in Chandigarh from where we were being driven to Kullu on sharing cabs by the airlines. We knew that the little angel will not be comfortable travelling with strangers in the cab for this long distance of almost 250 odd Kilometers. Our request was granted by Airlines staff that was making these special arrangements for they were fascinated by the beautiful smile of my young kid and that was the reason for providing us an individual Sedan. The journey was quite enjoyable for my young kid. We had to stop on our way more than a couple of times to help her in getting her small portion of milk and biscuits.

Gradually it was quite late in the evening when we reached at Manali. Luckily the hotel that we had booked from Delhi was quite prestigious and known to all cabbies and hence we did not have any problem in reaching the hotel. The kid was somehow slightly irritated, may be due to the change in weather, location or a long and tiring journey. The time by when we relaxed in the hotel room after settling and before going to the hotel restaurant for dinner, she was asleep with a sweet smile on her face. Definitely the journey, with many firsts for the small child, and also a first for both of us – taking our 2 year old for the first time for this long journey, was a good learning for all of us.

Book Review: Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett: A Must Read For Gaining Inner Strength

Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett published by Life Rich Publishing is an excellent memoir/autobiography of the author starting with her childhood when she was in fifth grade. It is about a successful growing up to adults along with her siblings and a considerable contribution to the society in various ways. As per Hailey the best foundation to a childhood is the stability during that stage that enables a child to grow up into an actively practical adult contributing in fruitful ways to the society. If there is a lack of love and attention at this stage of childhood, the deep rooted penetration of this craving for both ends up into an adult with low self-esteem and confidence.

Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett discloses the clandestine of a child who faced physical, emotional and mental abuse at that nurturing stage where it was the most important to get personal care and love; and thus gets broken inside shattering inner strength. The story has been written in such a constructive and bold manner that it touches your heart, mind and soul altogether, thereby making you sense and feel the grief and pain faced by the author. As you read along, the story shakes your inner self to experience the bad phase of childhood author had to go through. But instead of breaking down totally, Hailey kept herself morally uplifted and strong, keeping her faith intact in God. The story tells us that despite all kind of setbacks in one’s life, keep your belief intact that there are certain promises made by God to each one of us which take the shape of reality sooner or later bringing goodness in our life and turn our life into a winner and fulfilled.

 Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett is a must read for everyone as this book is meant to boost any person of any age irrespective of geographic locations. 

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My First Visit To @SmoothieFactory @SmoothieIndia And It Has Been Addictive

Smoothie Factory is a US origin and spread over 13 countries, global valued health and wellness café providing well-nourished balanced meal for any time of the day. This premium chain has recently launched its 3 stores as a first step of entry in India in and around capital city at following locations:
1. Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place, N.D - 110019
2. Fitness First Platinum, South Point Mall, Gurgaon, Haryana
3. Ground Floor, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Janpath, New Delhi 110001

The whole concept is the brainchild of US Olympian James Villasana. Philosophy driven is to use only premium quality and highly nutritious category of ingredients so as to provide a perfect balance of healthy and tasty food that can be taken any time during the day. The product line is already a big hit among health conscious community worldwide. More outlets are definitely in plan to come up in other metro and non-metro locations in India. Each meal promises to be well-balanced diet for any age of visitors to their outlets without a compromise with taste and ensuring complete healthy ingredients.

In the range of products being offered – it includes Real Fruit Smoothies, Frozen Yoghurts, Gourmet Panini’s, Salads, Squeezed Juices, Waffles to name a few on the menu. Chefs are well-trained to ensure using only recommended healthy ingredients like olive oil, whole wheat, multigrain bread variants, lean cut meats etc., for preparing meals. Each preparation is prepared with special attention for each order. You will not find a variance in the quality and taste of same dish ordered twice or even more times. That shows itself the ‘best to deliver’ and ‘no compromise with quality and standards’ attitude.

Looking at the quality, discipline, cleanliness, hygienic atmosphere, ambience, and aesthetics; prices are reasonable and you will really admire it only once you visit here and try just one dish. I promise you won’t stop after that. The same happened with us when we have a long haul of Bon Appetite, dish after dish, only till the stomach exhausted to accommodate more, while heart was asking for more.

The enjoyment started with The Mango Smoothie, Tropical Squeeze and Strawberry Lemonade and it was a marvelous treat to eyes, taste buds and mind.  Next was another round of 3 different smoothies, this time the premium ones – Very Berry, Factory Classic and Blue Lemonade. Then there was Melt Sandwich, Citrus Walnut Fresh Salad with Roasted Chicken and Pasto Pasta. Overall it is a healthy addiction that you are going to grab with a visit there. So if you are in NCR, you must visit to any of the three mentioned above – as per your convenience and if you are a visitor to Delhi/NCR do visit here once, till you get a Smoothie Factory Outlet in your city.

#PeshawarAttack: Promise Me To Carry A 2 Minute Silence Everyday For 132 Days

All words are short for this heinous crime done by Taliban Terrorists shamelessly and on top of that justifying this massacre. These are not human beings. These are barbarians. These are heartless, mindless and brainless creatures who forget that once they have also been children in their life, who took  birth in the same manner as these kids and any other human being. But it is the humane factor that is lost and stolen from these terrorists while transforming them from a human to a non-human.
Source: A day after the massacre

 The same nationality, same religion and still there is no emotion. Why couldn't even one of the terrorists could turn back on their leader who ordered them for this barbaric act to run a round of bullets in their body instead of doing it on these innocent children. Total 148 lives lost, out of which 132 children, and that too inside an Army School and the reason given by them is that Pakistan Army has killed their innocent children and families. That is height of shamelessness. The message is clear for the whole world to unite against these terrorist communities who are definitely far less in count and teach them a lesson, once for all.

Just a simple humble request from my side. Say a prayer everyday for next 132 days and a 2 minutes silence for each of the innocent kid murdered.

Are you with me. If you read this post and just leave a comment... Children are God's gift.

Author Interview: Vani: The Recession Groom: A Contemporary Story Of An IT Professional During Global Credit Crisis

She's a former journalist turned writer. 'The Recession Groom' is her first fiction novel. It is a contemporary story that tracks the journey of a young IT professional from India across the period of global credit crisis and the adventures he faces to find his 'perfect partner'.

Welcome Vani!

Your real name and pen name?

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood.
Staying awake all night to prepare for exams because I couldn’t be bothered to study during the day, taking favours from friends to finish homework, fist fighting with my younger brother, sneaking out food to stray dogs.

About your education.
I’ve an MBA degree from Kingston University, London and a Master’s degree in Economics from Panjab University, Chandigarh where I was also a Gold Medallist.
What career did you plan during your education days?
I wasn’t cut out to be a doctor or an engineer. The sight of blood was quite unwholesome to me, it still is. I hate Maths/Physics/Chemistry/ or anything close to these subjects, clearly not the types to pursue engineering. I was always very expressive and loved to write. Learning languages was also an interest. I thought about joining Foreign Consulates and/or Indian Foreign Services, when my parents felt that IAS would be a better choice. I may not remember everything I wanted to be, but one thing I know for sure, becoming a writer and writing novels of my own never crossed my mind.

What languages you can speak and write?
I am fluent in Hindi, English, Punjabi and French. I can understand Tamil.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
Good books. Music. Movies. Clean, vibrant settings with a comfortable bean bag where I can sit and write for hours.

What hurts you most in this world?

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
Writing my first novel, ‘The Recession Groom’ was my biggest challenge. I had a real tough time training myself to be patient, first, to complete my manuscript and second, sell it to a publisher.

If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?
J R R Tolkien. A master craftsman with such splendid writing skills! Who wouldn’t want to be in his mind for a day!

What is your favorite genre and why?
I am a sucker for fiction and read across genres. I love everything from fantasy to thriller to crime as long as it can hold my attention. No particular favorites.

When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?
When I didn’t write novels, I was writing exam papers. I can bet no one ever filled more sheets than I did. I started my professional writing journey in 2002 working as a business journalist for ‘The Times of India’ and then ‘The Financial Express’. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that I started work on my first novel, ‘The Recession Groom’.
A good story touches our soul. The purpose of my writing is to create such stories.

Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
‘The Recession Groom’ is my first fiction novel and is out on 22nd December. Here is a synopsis of my novel:

Parshuraman was named after the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His namesake was a great warrior and maybe, his parents thought he’d be the same. He, a warrior? Nah! He wasn’t cut out to be one. He is an IT professional and quite happy with his choice, except for frequent skirmishes he has with his colleagues, particularly one, a girl called Jennifer. Aside that, he’s young and single, settled in Canada, which somehow makes him hot on the Indian wedding market, so his family tells him. However, this is set to change. As the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he’s created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom find his 'perfect partner'?

What are your forthcoming writings?
I’m writing a sequel to ‘The Recession Groom’. There’s a 3rd one that wraps up the series.

What genres you write in and why?
My first three novels are commercial fiction. No particular reason for my choice. It just depends on the ideas I’m getting at that moment.

What keeps you motivated towards writing?
I have no boss to report to, no job to dress up for, and no one who needs me up at 5 AM preparing business reports and working on excel sheets, so long as that’s the case, I get a terrific draft of ideas, one after the other, all the time.

If Writing a Book is taken as a project, what are the key essentials you take care of in Project Management?
My laptop, bed/sofa/bean bag, fast internet connection, light music, blanket, pen, paper, phone, kindle, my books, dictionary, tea bags, hot water kettle.

How do you plan, schedule and monitor your writing commitments?
By being disciplined. I plan at least a few good pages a day and stick to it no matter what.

What are your future plans?
Writing books.

What is generally your preference in reading – a paper book or ebook? And why?
Both. I love the feel of a paper book and the convenience of an ebook.

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
I like punchy dialogues, witty one liners, memorable characters and enough drama in the story to keep the reader engaged.

How much real life goes into a fiction writing?
Many authors have been known to borrow heavily from real life incidents. I do, too. But, there’s a lot of imagination involved. I do not have to be a boy to write from a boy’s perspective, nor a witch to write about one.

Is high level of imagination important to have for an Author?
Yes, it is one of the core essentials.

Your dream destination on Earth?
Iceland. I want to see the Northern Lights.

Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
I was born in Garian, Libya and stayed there for a few years. I spent many years in India, then in the UK, US and a few months in Canada. Everything is very systematic and organised in the West.

Your favorite time of the day?
Morning 5 until the sun sets.

Your zodiac/ sunsign?

Your favorite color and why?
I love vibrant colours. No particular favorites.

What is the last book you finished reading? What is the current book you are reading?
Last read- The Krishna’s Key by Ashwin Sanghi. Current book- Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Your favorite book and why?
The Lord of the Rings, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Alchemist, The Secret, Fahrenheit 451, Fault in the Stars, The Old Man and the Sea, Life of Pi, Harry Potter series and many more. These books touched my soul and set a high benchmark for me.

Your favorite movie and why?
Pursuit of Happyness. It inspires me.

Your favorite celebrity and why?
Robert Pattinson and David Beckham for the way they look.
Malala Yousafzai and Oprah Winfrey for what they are.

Your favorite food?
Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Polish, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Lebanese, anything that is vegetarian.

Your favorite sports?
I don’t play sports.  

What is the force that drives you?
My own ideas.

What comes to your mind when you think of India?
Energy. Enthusiasm. Love. Family.

Some quickies:
Sun or Moon: Sun
Laughter or Smile: Laughter
Morning or Evening: Morning
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Mountain or Sea: Sea
Long Drive or Short Drive: Short drive
Silence or Conversation: Silence
Water or Fire: Water
Air or Earth: Earth
Mars or Jupiter: Jupiter
Tulip or Rose: Rose
Red or Blue: Red
Left or Right: Right
Glance or Stare: Glance
Fame or Money: Both.
Boy or Girl: Boy
Day or Night: Day
Tree or Plant: Tree
Love or Passion: Both. Lots of it.

What three words come to your mind for each –
Technology: Wonderful, Sharing, Convenience
Life: Aspirations, Dreams, Achievement
God: Caring, Loving, Doting
Humanity: Trust, Love, Respect
Terrorism: Abhor, Incomprehensible, Waste
Racism: Loathsome, Unjustified, Disgusting
Childhood Abuse: Deviant, Inhuman, Apathetic
Love: Beautiful, Unconditional, Warm
Parenting: Responsibility, Maturity, Commitment
Old age: Patience, Fear, Dependence

First thing you do in the morning after waking up?

Last thing to do before sleep?

If one fine morning you wake up and find your sex changed to opposite, what will be your first reaction?
Happiness. I don’t have to bother about threading my upper lips, not worry about waxing my legs. I can admire many more women than I care to without feeling jealous.

State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote
If you think the time is right, go for it.

The last line of your autobiography would be…
It was the last page of my book but it wasn’t my last book and so, I got up, made myself a cup of tea and started writing my next one.

The title of your autobiography would be…
The other side of me.

Links & other relevant details:
ISBN-10: 9384226580
ISBN-13: 9789384226589
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Twitter handle: @Vani_Author
Goodreads author page:
Amazon link:
Any other links:
      Amazon Kindle: