Thursday, August 27, 2015

#loveinspiration तेरी यादों के भीगे दायरों के बीच

कुछ दूरियां नज़दीकियों की जगह,

कुछ नज़दीकियां दूरियों की,

 बिना पास दूर की सोचे समझे,

लेती गई। 

आई फिर इस तरह तुम्हारी यादें,

ज्यूँ धुप बारिश के कंधे पर 

सर टिका कर लेटी हो। 

आई कब नींद 

कब यादों ने करवट बदली 

कब हकीकत के पहलु से 

झांकते झांकते उचटी नींद। 

कितने सारे बरस 

यूँ ही निकल गए 

इन अनमोल पलों की आस में। 

तेरी यादों के भीगे दायरों 

के बीच 

खड़ा हूँ सर झुकाये 

एक सूखे बंजर 

रेतीले टापू की तरह। 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

हाइकू: ज़िन्दगी #Poetryonopposites

कुछ ठहरी हुई निगाहों की हलचल 

कुछ लक्षहीन सोचों की लक्षित यादें 

कुछ अशांत पत्तों की शांत सरसराहट 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Taazgi Ka Dhamaka Is All Set To Make Every Heart #MaxFreshMove

Brushing teeth is the first most exercise that all of us do. It not only brings in a fresh amount of energy in you but also gets you going in a positive mode. You try one day without brushing your teeth and it will definitely spoil your mood, energy level and enthusiasm to perform your daily activities.

You know when you are happy you feel like dancing. That is what should be the magic of a toothpaste to make you so delighted and happy so that you start feeling to dance. And then the whole energy goes so much so that you feel like dancing the whole day. The same kind of philosophy goes with a song too. If the music of a song gels well with the lyrics, it tends to make you so energized and happy that involuntarily your feet start tapping and your heart starts singing. In a while, you go so much aligned with the music that you start dancing in your most liked way.

I loved the lightness in the music, the energy in the lyrics and that is what made me dance although I am not a very good dancer. Here is my entry for the Theme 1: Dance Solo.

Note: “I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

First Step Of Toddler Brings Quantum of Delight #Poetryonopposites

Some Quotes that remained unquoted
in your life and my life,

Some dreams that were never dreamt
because of fear of sleep,

Some Silence, louder than my words,
still echoing in my ears.

Some distance uncovered even in closest proximity,
remained untouched.

Some love for me in your hate for life
always kept binding us together.

Some life stays even when relations are dead,
in the form of memories,

Some light in the darkest of dark,
as you entered in my life.

Some gravitational force in the black hole,
as long as you kept holding my hand.

Some scarcity of happiness in the abundance of pains
still kept us alive.

The first step by a toddler turns brings quantum of delight,
on the face of the mother.

Friday, August 21, 2015

@airtelindia Ka #Airtel4G Laga Dala To JhingaLaLa

ए जी औ  जी

लो जी सुनो जी 

कहता हूँ मैं जो वो तुम भी सुनो जी

one two का four

four two का one

My name is Airtel

My name is Airtel

The day I thought about moving my Airtel connection to 4G network from the existing 3G, the first question that came into my mind was the price and the next question that popped up in my mind was about the difference in speed. Definitely whenever we talk about an upgrade, we try to assess the price versus benefit, spend versus what I am going to get out of this additional expense. I did a small exercise and the credit goes to Airtel for this innovative tool that is available on twitter that answers your query within no time. You just name the app that you want to consider for finding out the difference in downloading speed on various networks. I found out that the difference is quite substantial. For a particular app when you download it on 4G Airtel network, it is almost double the speed if compared to its predecessor 3G network. And the 4G speed is almost 10 times faster than 2G network. That is really fantastic.

There is also a challenge from Airtel these days that if you are able to download any movie, app or whatever faster than the speed what it gives on its 4G network, you are promised to get your lifetime connection free from Airtel.  As far as the cost is concerned, the 4G is coming at no extra cost from Airtel. What it means is that if you are using a data pack of 2GB on 3G network from your service provider, which is Airtel here, then the cost of 2GB data on 4G network will remain same for you. But the point to note here is the speed that will enable you to consume 2GB at a very fast pace, approximately within half the month as compared to your previous consumption that was for the month. This will definitely increase your data consumption when you are now hungry for speed and performance. That is where based on your additional data consumption the billed cost of 4G network would go higher, as the data consumption goes higher.

You need to have a 4G sim that will get replaced from Airtel, that too within 2-3 working days. In my case, I got the same within the same day, in few hours after I raised the request online. After few hours, surprisingly, the delivery guy was standing outside my house, for the delivery of new 4G sim. The activation process of new 4G sim is also instant. You need to send an SMS with the existing 3G sim to Airtel, confirm, take out 3G sim from the handset, replace it with 4G sim, and hurray, in next few minutes, it is activated.

After activation, I experienced the real world of 4G network, thanks to Airtel. The thundering speed at which I am able to watch live matches or video streaming is fabulous. The download and upload of my videos, important files, data backup are now happening in real time and complete in all senses. My data backup is now foolproof as it instantly goes on cloud irrespective of the size of any file.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Full Monty With Del Monte #ItalianEscapades

Pasta is already quite famous in India and I think even before the world got to know about it and some other country taking the pride of inventing it. It might be the food of Italy that has widely been accepted across the globe but we Indians are known to be carrying quite old heritage and cultural background. Years back Bollywood praised a  lot about Pasta

पास्ता पास्ता देखो आँख मेरी लड़ी है
आँख जिससे लड़ी है वो पास मेरे खड़ी है


ये पास्ते हैं डेल मोंटे (प्यार) के
खाना (चलना) भर भर (संभल संभल) के


मौसम मस्ताना पास्ता अंजाना

but here it is not अंजाना it is well known Del Monte

Did you watch हरियाली और पास्ता (a movie that explained how Pasta made with a combination of various green vegetables goes on the top of your taste buds!)

and then

किसका पास्ता देखे ऐ  दिल ऐ हरजाई (why don't buy your own pack of Del Monte and enjoy) :)

then there is

जाने कौन सा पास्ता उसके दिल को जाता है


मैं तो चला जिधर चले पास्ता

By the way, don't confuse between Pasta and रास्ता. Logically it is the Pasta that takes a tastlicious path via travelling through your taste buds to the bottom of your heart!

Well the journey begins with boiling of whole contents of your Del Monte pack

Keep examining the heart beats of pasta!

On the second burner fry onion and capsicum

Once frying is done put appropriate quantity of salt, pepper and chaat masala (I know it is not technically right but then who says taste is tech savvy). 

Mix the boiled content on one burner and the fried stuff on second burner. Keep the mixed stuff on mild आंच for five minutes and then ready steady go!

Who says simplicity doesn't win hearts! This could be the simplest of the recipe but it is going to win the heart of your taste buds (only condition is that your taste buds are not too complexically encroached by technology and technicalities in food preparations!)

Ah! the last bit is still untold. Put some black olives cut in round rings.

Let Us WASH And Clean India With Some Noble Initiatives

India is a country of varied seasons, cultures and languages. Each state has its own unique way of living, so has each of the communities living in India. The geographic locations contain varied and extreme of the conditions. Kashmir, on the top of North, has an extreme cold during the year. As we start rolling down the map, the chilling weather duration starts decreasing while reaching to Delhi. The coastal cities have different definitions of winter. Then there is the desert of Jaisalmer, a city in Rajasthan where water is scarcity. The cities in a neighborhood of rivers are always under the threat of floods. On the other hand, there are cities where there are tolls every year due to extremities of winter or summer.

Under such varied conditions of India, it is very important to educate locals regarding hydration, importance of water, and sanitation. Water is a valuable natural resource and we all must respect it in terms of proper usage. Drinking water needs to be hygienic, pure and free of impurities. Places with a scarcity of water need rainwater harvesting. Similarly, places with an abundance of water need better water harnessing techniques to save lives. People living in urban areas, especially remote village, still have no proper sanitation. People there still drink unhygienic water. Unhygienic conditions cause so many diseases that spread fast and cause devastating results.

To make families, society on the whole understand the importance of hydration, water and sanitation, it is important for us to learn about the WASH program jointly initiated by TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) University, USAID (US Agency for International Development), and Coca-Cola. The program focuses on Strengthening Water, Hygiene and Sanitation conditions in Urban India. WASH is nothing but the short form of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. The target of this program is to bring awareness among 50,000 individuals or families that fall under low-income segment. It also aims to include 300 professionals to spread the initiative in a faster manner, through WASH governance studies. There will also be around 2,500 students that will get a proper education of WASH. These students will be picked from 20 municipal schools across India. 

To develop and implement the initiative of strengthening water and sanitation in Urban Settings will benefit the low income settlements of slums of Chennai and Kolkata.